Golf Sites Recap™ – Track & Share your Golf statistics for the iPad: Review

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If you, like me, love your golf then GolfSites Recap™ is the perfect golfing companion. It claims to be the best app on the market for golf statistics and I can certainly see how. Golf players around the world all seem to use this so I road tested it and the first thing you’ll notice is that it integrates well and a prefect accessory app for the iPhone app GolfSites; this allows golfers to achieve all the stats and match their hitting distances using specific drivers, wedges, irons and putters. The app also displays swing accuracy readouts, average stroke rates and much more. Everything here is in high definition and goes full screen on the iPad.

There is a cool method for checking previous results against your current efforts. Every single round of golf you play on the Golf Sites Recap™ is recorded on the app for later reference. If you play a new game, the app remembers the score on the last game and your overall averages and matches that data with your current performance, so you can track performance to see if you are improving or getting worse in any way.

The scorecard and stats section will impress both the novice beginner and the advanced player alike. Golf Sites Recap™ explains in great detail the finer points of the game and the stats such as fairway accuracy, putting performance, average strokes by par, GIR, FIR and handicap results. There is a sleek feature on the app which makes you feel like a pro; the app takes your best shot of the day and then replays it again after you have completed the day’s golfing. It’s a kind of “Hole of the Day” feature and makes you feel somewhat special. Another great feature is the ball path tracking event. This allows you to track your shot and display that position on the map.

The Golf Sites Recap™ app is also interactive in that you can share your scorecard on HDTV. The other features I discovered on the app were the demo feature; let’s you watch how it’s all done and score statistics and history of your past performances. The Golf Sites Recap™ has great animation and state of the art motion detection. This app only works on the iPad however and only those registered for Golf Sites can check their past records and sign on.

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Title: GolfSites Recap™ – Track & Share your Golf statistics for the iPad

Price: Free

Category: Sports

Developer: Mooee Company Limited

GolfSites Recap™ - Track & Share your Golf statistics for the iPad - Mooee Company Limited