Keep Track of Just About Anything With iOS App Pocketory: Review

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Pocketory is an inventory app on the Appstore designed to keep track of whatever you want in handy “pockets” with the added mechanism of being able to share your information with others. It has a very intuitive interface allowing the user many different means of entering their data. You can scan, snap a picture or search the internet for items or information to put into your pockets. The Scan feature is my favorite as I like to keep track of all my books and I just had to scan the barcode and it picked up the book cover for me. I used the internet search feature to download book titles of what I want to read in the future, and presto my iPhone keeps my future reading list quite handy. Pocketory allows you to make notes and add as much information you would want to keep with the item in the pocket.

The Appstore description gives the potential user all the things that one can do with the application, and even asks that if you can find a new inventive use for the app to contact the developer. Pocketory is the perfect app for keeping track of collectable items, or books, CDs and DVDs, and articles in the home that you might want to keep a photo and record for insurance purposes.  The feature of sharing the pocket information is fabulous if you are involved in collector clubs or something like, but it does have a little of the PINTEREST feel. I think some of the uses, like using Pocketory for business inventory is perhaps a bit of an overreach, but I guess that if your company only has a few items in its inventory Pocketory might very well be suitable to use. For either the business or personal uses Pocketory is ideal for asset management.

The reporting function is a super feature. The PDF reports are clear and concise with the user “Settings” straightforward to use, and the developer has given serious consideration to making the app adaptable to fit the user’s specific needs.  Pocketory’s online account access is another great way to keep your data on the cloud. Perhaps the only downfall in Pocketory is in the initial set up of the account. Most passwords are double entered for verification. Pocketory takes only one password, so if you happen to mistype on your iPhone you will be at a loss to recover the password.  This can be fixed in an upgrade, but until it is fixed be very careful when you set up the account.  gives  this handy app 4 out of 5 stars. For a limited time Pocketory is available for FREE, but after September 1, 2012 it will be downloadable for $3.99.

App Details

Title: Pocketory

Price: Free until September, $3.99 thereafter

Category: Productivity

Developer: Pocketory, Inc

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