Keri Racing The Incredible New Social Networking Game: Review

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Social networking games have been by and large poor in recent years. Farmville and Bubble Quest just haven’t really been able to capture the imagination despite having several users signing up to play the game. Keri Racing is a social networking game that should keep you entertained far more avidly than buying a square acre of farm or popping a bubble or three. Keri Racing is racing in real time – peer versus peer!

The app game begins with you as a lone cowboy who finds an adorable animal called a Keri. You first save the Keri from a fate worse than death (if there is such a thing) and then slowly nurse the Keri back to its former glory with love and attention. The Keri’s response to pay you back for all your kind faith and nursing is to become the Keri Racing champion.

Because of the demands of the game and the fact it is a social networking experience you will need to be online when you play. Therefore it is best played on your iPhone with a Wi-Fi link or better still on your iPad at home. Once you are online and up and running Keri Racing will thrill you with ways in which to grow crops so you can earn fodder and even build up your supply of gold bullion bars. However, the similarity to Farmville ends there as you will now need to get the equipment necessary to build up your racing stats. This is done by a series of customisation and manipulation; so you are going to need your best strategy head on.

What I loved best was the idea of racing against friends and family members in real time over a Wi-Fi link and even the odd game over a 3G link. Your Keri from time to time, will get a few bugs that will slow it down, but these bugs are the enemy and part of the game and your task is to take them out and prevent them from slowing your racer down. Throughout your quest there are ways where you can train your Keri to become faster and feed it the right foods to make it stronger and physically faster.

There are some wonderful graphics on Keri racing; farming fields with buildings just about everywhere. The more gold you acquire, the more equipment you are able to purchase and all of the extra bits you get simply adds to your Keri becoming stronger, faster, fitter and in more of a position to defeat your pals.

App Details

Title: Keri Racing

Price: Free

Category: Games

Developer: Neowiz Internet Corp

Keri Racing - NEOWIZ Internet Corp.