Smile Count iPhone App Review

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In this fun app you can see just how the world around you truly sees who and what you are, by your smile. Smile Count is a great idea and really does log those smiles. Smiling is important, it tells us who we are and why we are happy or sad. It determines our moods but it seems nobody ever documents or logs these grins, grimaces, or smiles – until now.

Smile Count will log your smile, or at least others will. Parents will log the smile or smirks from their children. Any child who pulls an unhappy reverse smile can be registered by the parent and alternately can be rewarded for their smiling. There are six modes to the app which are pulled, vain, behaviour, kind, free play and employee. These modes will show you just how the world truly sees you.

It is now possible to discover if you are good at what you do in your job. Are you a smiling person or a frowner? Discover just how you are looking to the world outside. Found out if others see you as approachable or just plain grumpy and in need to be avoided. Basically, every time you see a smile you hit the Smile button on the app and every time you see a frown, hit frown.

The idea is you can use it to register those people you are interacting with, are they smiling with you? Or are they saddened by your company? Either way it is clear Smile Count will count up all those smiles, which is impossible to do if you are trying to count in your head. The idea is to stay in the positive. Collect more smiles than frowns and that is proof that you are having a pleasant and clean effect on those in the outside world. If you are a grumpy boss try taking Smile Count into work with you and see how many unpleasant frowns you are likely to experience. With Smile Count you can change the way you behave and begin smiling much more.

Remember it uses fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown so Smile Count can help you to bring some joy to the outside world. There are some hilarious sounds on Smile Count, the graphics are simple, just enough for this type of app.

App Details

Title: Smile Count

Price: Free

Category: Entertainment

Developer: Craig Smart

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