Polaris Office, View and Edit MS Office Documents on Your iPhone or iPad: Review

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The first thing that excited me about this app was the price had tumbled down from $19.99 down to $12.99. As a businessman who is using Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets all the time, I was very pleased to find an app that would allow me to edit, add, send and create MS documents on my iPhone. I found I could take my iPad down to my local coffee shop, where they have Wi-Fi, and edit all my work and send it off to my clients; all thanks to Polaris Office.

I am occasionally sending PDF files too so I was very charmed to find Polaris Office will happily read these documents too. It works very well with me sending all my documents by email as attachments and it supports the cloud service for storing files on the web. I have files stored out with Google Docs, Drop Box and Google Drive and Polaris Office will support all of these.

Polaris Office also has 15 different templates and styles so you can pimp it up to suit your style. It has several two-dimensional and three-dimensional chart formats. This was fantastic when I was compiling a sales order graph for presentation to a team of clients later that afternoon. On Polaris Office you can integrate your camera function very easily to input your images to your documents. I was recently looking at a bone china item being sold locally on eBay which my sister wanted badly. I went to the home of the seller and asked if I could take some photos of my own, to which he readily agreed. I then embedded the images straight onto my email and attached them in a correspondence to my sister. The whole task performed simply on Polaris Office.

Polaris Office supports doc files (Word Documents) and xls files (Excel Spreadsheets). These were the main two I use. It also supports txt files so that will come in very handy for when I decide to start building my website. Polaris Office also opens zipped files with ease too. I really thought my iPhone could never take the place on my desktop PC but with Polaris Office on it now, I find I am using the smartphone more and more and the desktop much less these days. Polaris Office also loads your documents at incredible speeds too. I love the design of Polaris as it’s so simple and easy to use.

App Details

Title: Polaris Office

Price: $12.99

Category: Business

Developer: Infaware Co. Ltd

Polaris Office - Infraware Co.,Ltd