PDF Reader – iPhone Edition: Review

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The best part about being an app reviewer is the cool and interesting apps I am asked to download, use and then offer a critique. I was given the assignment to write a review about the newly updated version of the iPhone edition of Kdan Mobile Software’s popular PDF Reader. I have used the Kdan PDF Reader on my iPad for the last couple of years and couldn’t be happier with the app’s workability. I chose Kdan’s PDF Reader for my iPad after an extensive search in the app store for a reader that would work best for my needs. The Appstore currently has over three hundred reader apps making it a tough decision to find the PDF Reader app that will work best for you.

Kdan’s PDF Reader offered a seamless transition from the iPad to the iPhone. PDF Reader’s key features are Scanning (note: scanning on the iPhone is a little grainy, but in a pinch it does a fine job), File Transfer and Backup (letting the user chose between WI-FI transfer and the traditional USB).  PDF Reader has a  remarkably quick rendering speed (don’t you hate having to wait for things to load?). The built in Dictionary, internet search capabilities, Image viewer, air play support, and a very user friendly File Management function round out the product to be an asset in your daily needs. The newly updated version has added Cloud Storage, Annotation tools, allowing the user to make notes and amend documents on the fly, and the ability to encrypt PDF documents for more secure file transfers.  When making notes on documents you will find the internal Dictionary a most helpful ally.

Kdan’s PDF Reader has only improved on their already strong product, which is rated in the Top 100 of Productivity Apps in the USA Appstore, as well as achieving high rankings in other world Appstore. This is a product that I use, this is a product that I have recommended to my friends and business associates. PDF Reader for the iPhone is one of the best productivity apps that you should have on your Smartphone.  iPhoneGlance.com gives PDF Reader by Kdan Mobile 5 out of 5 Stars.

App Details

Title: PDF Reader – iPhone Edition

Price: $1.99

Category: Utility

Developer: Kdan Mobile Software

PDF Reader - iPhone Edition - Kdan Mobile Software LTD