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Baby Names by Bounty is an app developed by and it’s free of charge. The app allows you to select a great name for your baby. The name register is compiled by Bounty (UK) from hospitals around the country and then uploaded onto the Bounty database within around a week. Therefore this app can then select which names are being selected in hospitals across the country at this current period in time. You can browse the most popular names being used at this moment in time.

When you pick up a newspaper or magazine and see a list of Top Ten Babies’ Names or Top 20 Boys Names, they will often use data from the previous year. Baby Names by Bounty uses names that are current and the top 100 names from data retrieved within the past few weeks. To select a random name from the database you need only shake the iPhone or iPad to reveal a randomly selected name from the list. This acts like a kind of generator or a third party helping you to select that name for your baby.

The Baby Names by Bounty app will also tell you which names are most popular in your area. You can select your postcode and it will inform you the most popular names in your region or county. Many people would like to name their child using the latest common names, where as others may wish to choose a name that is not being selected by everyone else; Baby Names by Bounty will tell you the most popular names.

You can also share your selected names by email from the list generated at Baby Names by Bounty. It is also possible to share the name registry on Facebook or Twitter. This allows parents to ask their friends their opinions on which names are good and which ones to avoid. There is a full list of names by letter. If you wish to select a name beginning with A or Z, then no problem; simply select all names beginning with that letter of your choice and you are off and running.

Many parents would want to avoid naming their children with a forename beginning with a letter that is the same as the surname. For example, Simon Stephens or Samantha Searle is some combination that parents may want to avoid. There is also name meanings in  the database and where those names originate from.

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