Gluey, The Puzzle Game You Want To Download

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At face value Gluey looks like another one of those time-wasting but addictive apps. I was not wrong; Gluey had me hooked from the start and my mission was to save the Glueys from their entrapment. There is only one way to save the Glueys and you are the only saviour; or at least I was. Gluey is not your typical everyday puzzle game. It is an app with a twist and a difference.

The Glueys have been forced into tight, cumbersome and strange containers. Somewhere in a very far off land, your task is to free the Glueys but it certainly is not straightforward. The Glueys will slosh about and split and even on occasion merge together like a blob of glue (which is, I guess, what they are essentially). The way they splat or gloop is quite hilarious really.

Your mission is clear when tackling the addictive puzzle game; you need to get some blobby Zen mindset in you and tackle the methods and strategies to release the Glueys. There is gravity in the game too and every now and then you will witness a thermonuclear explosion. So you really have to rescue the Glueys from a premature end!

Gluey works brilliantly on your iPhone and can also be played on an iPad and an iPod Touch. It has recently been totally transformed and redesigned to work in harmony with the iOS and this now includes all new levels that will eat into your very last remnants of productivity. If you are great at procrastination then Gluey is the one for you. There is plenty going on in Gluey, as well as those thermonuclear explosions I was telling you about there is toxic wastes, locks and skulduggery.

The puzzle behind Gluey is to create large blobs to reach your high score goal. The strategy within Gluey is to free the blobs of glue without making them overflow. Then there is your quest to help the Glueys survive. How long can you survive endless blobs? So the Glueys are trapped and your mission is to save them from imminent death and destruction. This not-so-typical game puzzle has some vibrant colours and graphics especially when the skulls and thermonuclear explosions occur.

The Glueys have some hilarious facial features on them which place you in the mindset that they are real, and you do end up empathising with the little critters.

App Details

Title: Gluey

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Games

Developer: MobileAge

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