Factoids+ Review

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=4]

Ever wanted a huge amount of unimportant and most likely irrelevant information at your fingertips? Even though it doesn’t sound like the most appealing prospect, when Facebook is running low on social juice and all your other apps are dull, you can always rely on this for a bit of weird information.

Factoids+ isn’t like Wikipedia, it doesn’t just give you heaps of information on one topic. It simplifies things so we don’t have to be bobbled down by useless information on a ten-page article.

You get 1001 facts to read through, you can, if you really want to, read all of them in one go, although your head might explode.

I believe the idea of Factoids is simply to allow you a minute or two of facts per day, so you can tell that fact to people and see their mouth yawn, or see their jaw-drop, depending on how interesting the fact is.

Did you know for example, once a Bull has mated with every Cow, he is useless – a conversation starter, right there for you folks.

The app is designed quite nice and it is simple to use, there is no fancy do-hickies but the app only has one primary function, to give you facts, straight up.

What I found quite weird was that this app actually costs money, £1.49 to all the people in the UK, so about $2.50 in the US if it is out over there. I found this very strange, considering all you are getting is a heap of irrelevant facts bundled in one fancy app.

If the price was £0.69, then I could respect that, as they haven’t added ads, but £1.49, for a few pointless facts, come on, there’s only so much pointless facts cost, if anything at all.

For the price reason, I had to lower my score, from a low-4, the score went down to a low-3.

If the price were to go down, then this would be an app to recommend, for now, it is a pricey app with little much going on. Maybe if you had a quiz where everyone could vs each other on how much pointless stuff is stuck in their brain, then maybe it would be worth a pound, but not for just a heap of internet found facts.

UPDATE: The developer has changed the price to £0.69, I’m happy to see this change, and have awarded an extra star.

App Details

Title: Factoids+

Price: £1.49 – $2.49

Category: Entertainment

Developer: The Wane Group

Factoids+ - The Wane Group