Mix 2 Color an Educational iPad App For Kids – Review

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*Available for $0.99 for a limited time*

I downloaded this app for my 9-year-old son to help him better understand the world of color and drawing. You never know your child may be a budding artist one day. Mix 2 Color is ideal for educating children to develop and create using colors. It basically has two game modes which my son even managed to inform me of! One is draw a picture and the other was to color different pictures.

Mix 2 Color in draw a picture mode will allow the child to draw anything they want. There are three different brush types you can select from and there are 12 separate colours. There is also a sponge which you can use just like a real artist does correcting any mistakes you may have made along the way. There are 11 different stamps to be used as a fun item, similar to a watermark or signature an artist puts in the bottom of a painting.

Then in Mix 2 Color we have the “Color a Picture” mode; this will feature 18 different pictures, but you will need to use 15 different colours in order to colour the picture correctly. But the twist comes when you are only allowed to select from five different colors. This forces the child to use their imagination and somehow mix different colors to create 15 colors from five. The five colors you are given are black and white and three primary colors; blue, red and yellow. So to achieve the remaining ten colors you will need to mix blue and red to get violet. If you input more blue than red you end up with violet.

All in all it allows a child to use imagination and work out solutions to achieve results that are desired. Mix 2 Color also entertains a child with nice, jolly sing-a-long music and some great sound effects. You should not concern yourself with the thought that Mix 2 Color is going to be too difficult and daunting for your child. The intuitive interface provides any child of reading age to easily understand the basics of what is required. There are even some testing examples your child can carry out and receive clear guidance before tackling a picture that you are expected to color in. Mix 2 Color is a real educational benefit to any child and potential Vincent van Gogh.

Mix 2 color is available for only $0.99 for a limited time, grab it while you can. It can be found in the games category of the App Store which is quite surprising because it’s such a great educational app.

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Title: Mix 2 Color

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