My Downloader Pro The Only Download Master you Will Ever Need – Review

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All your mainstream files can now be downloaded using My Downloader Pro. It has recently been upgraded so it now has a great deal of extra features which make this ideal for those who need files downloaded quickly and simply. When you use the downloader you can organize your files by placing them into neat folders you can create yourself.

So which type of folders can you download with My Downloader Pro? The app is compatible with the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad and when you receive an email with a pdf file you can easily download the file using the app. Equally it will download files like Microsoft Office documents such as Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. My Downloader Pro will also open Microsoft Power Point presentations and all the major types of image files.

Perhaps your daughter or family member has sent you pictures of her recent holiday in Marbella and emailed you all the photos; with My Downloader Pro you can unlock all the files for images like jpegs and bit map files, the most commonly used ones. In fact even audio files can be downloaded so you can hear that wonderful message from a loved one or that important verbal report on your latest sales meeting. You can also import or export all your images easily into your photo library and you can download all kinds of video or multimedia files straight off the web. The app provides cloud storage services, including GoogleDocs, Dropbox and to upload and download mainstream video formats.
Others like FTP and WebDAV is included as well.

My Downloader Pro also has the ability to send multiple files as well as email attachments. The app works well with online cloud drives that appear to be entering the all over the internet these days. If your files are personal and need to be kept safe then My Downloader Pro provides a pass code protected system which allows you and you alone to access the files.

My Downloader Pro also downloads music files too. Imagine a file system with all your favourite tracks placed into separate folders accessible by you at any time. My Downloader Pro also has a multi-tabbed browser which I found easy to use to search the web for potential file sources. There is always a great option to share files using Wi-Fi or a USB connection.

The graphics and ease of use are simply amazing. My Downloader Pro is available for $3.99 and with the huge amount of features, that is a small price to pay.

App Details

Title: My Downloader Pro

Price: £2.49 – $3.99

Category: Utilities

Developer: YUYAO Software

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