NoteLedge® For iPhone: Video Review

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NoteLedge® for iPhone is the intuitive way of taking note. Ditch the paper and pen. Now take notes the right way. Got an idea, grab your iPhone and jot it down or maybe you want to record your notes in audio or videos, Noteledge got you covered. The app is available at a very low price $0.99, which we personally think will go up. It’s worth much more than the price set by the developers.

You do not have to type when entering data on the NoteLedge® for iPhone, if you wish you can use the handwriting pen so it works just like a real note pad tool. In fact in Note Ledge® for iPhone you can handwrite, sketch, type, talk and embed video or images. Imagine that, a note pad that shows not only your scribbling and notes but an image to accompany it too. Note Ledge® for iPhone comes with a very smart and good looking interface and it is very helpful with the intuition of the app’s tips and tricks.

“NoteLedge for iPhone helps you record your life by keeping a diary, jotting down an idea, taking a note, composing a travel journal, scheduling a weekly plan…and anything you could think of. NoteLedge for iPhone takes care all that with breeze, all you need is moving your fingers!” The app as so much to offer.

All the must-have great features:
Powerful Editing Tools:
✏Realistic handwriting and drawing experience.
✏Drag the text box anywhere within the note page to your liking.
✏Take notes and record audios simultaneously. Add multiple video/audio recordings to create richer content.
✏Drag and drop audio/video files between pages
✏Bookmark supported.
✏Read-only mode supported.

Customize Your Notes:
✏Toggle between different backgrounds and customize your note.
✏Apply different template to each page within a note
✏Choose your note covers.
✏Support various photo filters including Lomo, Black and White, Gothic, Sharp Color, and more.
✏A collection of built-in stamps is available.
✏ Customize the contents with flexible cropping on photos and images.

Keep Everything Organized:
✏Manage your notes under the calendar and map view.
✏Sort the files according to file name, size, date and your favorite ones.
✏File dates and locations are provided.
✏Back up you notes, retrieve saved works, and fine-tune your masterpieces anytime and anywhere.
✏Use the file copy feature to create a copy of your files.
✏Password protection supported.

Share Your Life the Easy Way:
✏ Facebook or Twitter the customized images that show your originality and personality.
✏Email your notes in either JPG or PDF format within a matter of seconds. NoteLedge for iPhone also allows you to easily back up notes to a wide range of cloud storage sites including Dropbox,, GoogleDocs, FTP and WebDAV.

You can also grab Noteledge for iPad to get an even more amazing experience.

App Details

Title: NoteLedge For iPhone

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Productivity

Developer: Kdan Mobile Software

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