ProCam The Best Camera App Ever – Video Review

iPhoneGlance Rating: [rating=5]

ProCam is a wonderful new way to take very high quality photos on your iPhone. Not only does ProCam offer a wonderful, still and high-quality shot, but it gives you tools to enhance the image as well. The app is incredible and offers a flawless way of taking photos – it has tools to stop you from swerving your camera while taking a shot and has a self-timer to make you never miss another shot with friends again.

Simplicity is key on an app like this, you want to have a good amount of features but you don’t want the user to be looking for them all day.Thankfully, this app has a wheel that allows you to access all the different cameras, and a menu bar to change any settings. The only problem, and it is more of a suggestion, is that there is no photo editing service, which we were a little disappointed with. Even though ProCam may not want to add a photo editing service, we believe it would definitely boost the apps appeal.

Right now, getting a clear shot is the best you are going to get from this app, but boy, it makes some difference. For 99p, you cannot really go wrong with an app like this, catch it now before the introductory offer runs out!

One of my favourite apps of all time, simply because it has so many compelling and simple features and doesn’t mess about with gimmicks, ads or lag. It runs very fast and each feature seems to be designed incredibly well.

App Details

Title: ProCam

Price: £0.69 – $0.99

Category: Utilities

Developer: Samer Azzam

ProCam - Samer Azzam