Caveball Puzzle Game – Review

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Caveball is a free app that will shoot bubbles and catch birds in an action packed fun puzzle straight out of prehistoric times. Caveball has a unique game mechanic and a new take on bubble shooting. It’s not like your average bubble shooter type games; Caveball is Game Center enabled which means all your high scores and personal bests are recorded for all to see. Any achievements that you master are also preserved for your prosperity too.

There are 45 levels in Caveball’s campaign mode and these spans across five world settings. You can also collect unique bonus balls which will keep the game alive and fresh. The cool thing about Caveball is that you can battle it out with friends and family as you can join the Addictive Game Center Multiplayer Mode. The app is also a cross-device gaming experience which allows you to play on your iPhone while others play on any other compatible device. To give you an example I played on my iPhone 4 at the local restaurant whilst my sister took her iPad to the local pub. We then played against each other (despite us being 55 miles apart).

There is a Score Attack mode in Caveball that allows you to pit your wits and try to achieve the highest score you can. Then you can check online to see if your score matches up against the others. Caveball is a single universal app game puzzle that is developed to give you the best gaming experience available for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Caveball has great animations showing a series of cute round headed creatures which come in all sorts of sizes. It is a puzzle game that involves blowing and shooting bubbles and is already well within a popular genre for game apps. I had noted it has a high ranking of 4.5 on iTunes, and it certainly entertains with its animated creatures in pre-historic dress and well drawn character visuals.

It’s always worth playing against your friends and family members though. I found if you have nobody to play against you can simply play by yourself and try to upload a good high score, while playing on the Score Attack mode. It’s much more fun when you get your chums to join in. All they need is an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can always tell them it’s free too!

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Title: Caveball

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