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I love a good jigsaw puzzle but I’m also addicted to my iPad and playing all the various games on there. So I was pleased to find that there was a puzzle challenge as an app. Home of Jigsaw Puzzle is diverse, it’s big and it’s diversified and most of all it has innovation. Classic artists like Royo, Blachon, Loup, Mordillo and Wachtmeister have all provided exquisite pieces of artwork.

The entire family can get involved in this app and let me tell you, mine did. It’s not just paintings and artwork being used here but some photographic imagery content, comic and fantasy drawings, street art or classic art and cartoon style graphics. The amusement for the family lasted throughout the evening and it is also a great game one can play by you. Home of Jigsaw has more than 100 pieces of jigsaw with 25 images included in the app before you even get started. These images are already loaded and ready to play.

There are more images in the App Store (which I managed to access directly through the app). Here you can increase your collection by another 60 or more if you want. Also, there is the promise of extra artwork arriving at least once per month in updates. There is a premium bonus program within the app which I liked; basically the more you get done, the more you can win in reality. I attempted to do as many puzzles as I possibly could and my chances of winning more puzzles have become more real. However, I have not managed to be successful just yet but I am hoping.

If you go to the Puzzle Store every month in Home of Jigsaw, you will be able to download all the latest images. One feature I was interested in was the personalised image puzzle feature. Basically, I was able to upload an image of my own and the function of Home of Jigsaw allowed me to convert my own picture into a puzzle all in its own right.

There is also an option to email a friend your completed puzzle. My mom loves to do puzzles and whenever she completes a jigsaw, she sends it on via email and I can place all her emails in a dedicated folder so she can access it at a later stage. Home of Jigsaw Puzzle has four great levels and some have 50 pieces, others as much as 300. This was a beautiful, puzzling but entertaining app.

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Title: Home of Jigsaw Puzzle

Price: £1.49 – $1.99

Category: Games

Developer: KV&H Veriag

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