Speak2Do – Organize, Group and Record your events: Review

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=4]

I have been looking for a free app that will record my spoken word as I have to use it in my line of business on a regular basis. I had a number of sales clients that I had to visit and I wanted to speak into the app with my comments and thoughts without the unnecessary scribbling or texting onto my iPad. Speak2Do does all this. Speak2Do is basically an audio recorder; one that fires into life with the touch of just one button.

Speak2Do has a fancy streamlined interface and one that helps you to coordinate all your little projects, whatever they may be. You can set reminders like those meetings and important events. Also if you have a deadline, the app will give you a reminder that there is x amount of minutes remaining before the deadline expires to perform xyz. Speak2Do allow you to record your own deadline reminder warnings. You can therefore remind yourself to get your wife that anniversary card or warn yourself that the big match is starting in about fifteen minutes.

You can make a list of things to do and set a timetable by which you want to finish them. You can tell Speak 2 Do that at 11am you must mow the lawn, and then at 1pm chop the wood for the barbeque. Speak2Do can be used in business or leisure. No typing is ever required and everything is your voice and recorded by you. Speak 2 Do is easy to organize and is definitely ideal for the busy businessman and the man on the go. It has the power to organize and execute all those daily activities regardless of what they are or where they are. I didn’t have to worry about given subject titles to all my reminders and deadline warnings either. Speak2Do will do all this for you.

It takes just two taps of the iPhone screen for you to initiate a new category and create a new record. There are six icons but you can always add on more in the in-app shop. You can also buy new skins and templates if you want. What I did find appealing was the ability to send a voice recording as a file and despatch it off in an email. Speak2Do is really very handy for the businessman on the go.

App Details

Title: Speak2Do

Price: Free

Category: Productivity

Developer: A. Yosher Engineering

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