Sing Me Something a Great Karaoke App on Your iPhone – Review

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=4]

Sing Me Something is a karaoke game with a little difference. You can play this app at parties or with friends and it is even possible to play with others remotely. As long as they have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad you can play Sing Me Something across a network. Although this great fun app is free, there is a pay version with no ads and 3,000 free coins to use. The free coins will help you to buy hints, golden passes and bombs.

This karaoke application is ideal for playing against your school friends during school nights when it’s not so easy to go out or you can just wait until the weekend and play it together in the front room. The idea is to challenge the music knowledge of your friends. You first need to select a tune or a piece of music, then you need to sing it and they have to guess what it is.

You can either create a game with friends or start with a random game. You can record yourself singing with help from a short sample of the tune with lyrics of course. You then send the song to your opponent. They must then listen to your song and guess what it was that you sung. The great features on Sing Me Something include the ability to play across different platforms like the iPhone or even your iPod Touch. You can locate friends by searching them through their Facebook name or email address.

The idea is that after your song has been listened to by your opponent, it then becomes their turn to sing you something, which you in turn must try and guess. Sing Me Something has some great statistics records on it, so you can monitor how many times you have guessed correctly what your opponent has sung. You can use these statistics to measure your success rate against your friends and family.

If you use the free coins you can buy things like buy bombs; this allows you to get rid of invalid letters. You can also purchase hints to guide you when you are guessing songs. Also available is a golden pass coin which gives you the answer automatically. You also receive a notification when it’s your turn to sing. If you like the song, you can buy the music on iTunes.

Overall a great app to keep the family and friends entertain for hours. Best of all it’s free.

App Details

Title: Sing Me Something

Price: Free

Category: Games

Developer: Thomas De Vos