Ultimate Shopping List – iOS App Review

I like apps which are singular in their purpose. I don’t know about you but I get tired of apps trying to do too much; some apps give or need so much information they really end up not do anything too well. The Ultimate Shopping List app from Custom Mobile Apps Pty Ltd has entered into the growing category of shopping and grocery organizational apps in the Appstore.  The Appstore is full of apps with the intent of helping the busy consumer with the dreaded task of grocery shopping, but Ultimate Shopping List hits the mark on all accounts. It is simple, straightforward and worked quickly with my habitual shopping routine.

Face it, 90% of our shopping is the same stuff we buy week in week out so I use a simple rule of thumb to measure a grocery list app; if I can write what I want down faster with pen and paper, then why would I take the time to play with my iPhone. Ultimate Shopping List has a simple dial a field for entering items from its vast database, it has a dial for quantity and if the item isn’t in the database a field to manually enter your item which then will be stored for future use.

As you shop you swipe, from left to right, crossing the item off the list. When you have completed your grocery shopping you tap the button “Done Shopping” and Ultimate Shopping List logs in the date of the purchase. Logging this information provides valuable information; are you buying enough in size or quantity, etc… In this economy knowing how much you use will let you better plan and budget, perhaps looking for specials and sale items for commonly used products. The only thing that I found a little peevish was the alert asking if I was going to add more items or not.

But once the list is ready you don’t have it popping up unless you really are adding another new item. Perhaps a feature the app could use is highlighting items that are needed from the stored list, allowing them to be swiped and updated. The Ultimate Shopping List is in the US Appstore for $.99 cents, such a shame it’s not yet available in the UK but we will be recommending this app to friends.

iPhoneglance.com gives Ultimate Shopping List [rating=4].