MetaTrader 4, Trade Forex With your iPhone or iPad – Video Review

MetaTrader 4 is the app that allows me trade and control my financial account directly from my iPhone or iPad. MetaTrader 4 also uses technical indicators to track market trends and analyses market trends. The app contains over 600 servers of brokerage firm that uses the MetaTrader platform. If you can’t see your broker, you can ask them to contact MetaQuotes Software Corp and it will be added by the developers.

MetaTrader 4 offers me real time quotations of financial data and instrumentation. I can see a full set of trade orders that I have taken out and it will also show which stocks are pending too. It does not seem to matter to MetaTrader 4 which type of execution mode you want, it will support all types. There is a handy log display of all the operations I have made while trading. In fact it is a complete history going back to my first trade. This allowed me to check progress and trending.

The interface is very user friendly and all trade levels and volumes are displayed on a neat graph with pretty much all the data you could possibly want or need; latest positions, prices, price changes, trading history and notifications. MetaTrader 4 is jam-packed with data and information and to think it is completely free is a real bonus. The MetaTrader 4 is very handy for trading on the Forex exchange and works on all the other markets too.

This app has an up to the minute exchange rate converter, so I can see how my sterling is doing against other currencies around the world. It really is rather easy to use but I do advise opening a demo account to begin with as this will show you the ropes and how it all works. It is not an app that drinks the battery dry either, despite the high graphical images which allow you to zoom and scroll easily. The charts are wonderfully interactive too but I have yet to master this yet.

MetaTrader 4 has all the most popular technical indicators including money flow indexes and commodity channel indexes. By working across seven timeframes you have all the world stock markets covered. I liked the way I could chop and change the types of graphs like the colours and line widths too. This really is the most complete Forex trading platform I have found.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Metatrader 4 [rating=4]

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Title: MetaTrader 4

Price: Free

Category: Finance

Developer: MetaQuotes Software

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