Temple Run: Brave iOS Review

Temple Run: Brave is available for free and I am happy to have managed to take advantage of that. Temple Run: Brave is an official app from Imangi and Disney, it now features a new archery feature to add to the fun and excitement of this great fun filled endless running app. You run free across the wilds of Scotland where you will hop, skip and jump and even shoot in what is a seemingly endless adventure on the run.

Some of the brand new features that appear on Temple Run: Brave are the archery where you can tap up targets to get the bull’s eye and earn yourself more coinage. Temple Run: Brave provides fantastic new and amazing visual graphics that will raise your eyebrows and drop your jaw. All the environments and landscapes are inspired by the work and development of Disney and Pixar Brave, a graphics organization. To earn running credits your task is to outrun a demon bear called Mordu.

There is also a bonus feature if you download Temple Run Brave now; start running with a dollars worth of credit coins for free. That will give you some 2500 coins for nothing! This will allow you to use the power-ups feature and more. The entire original features of the game Temple Run are all here. The original features of the app are here again for use. Swipe and tilt control is one feature that has remained and as always, it is simple to use and feels just so natural.

You can level up your character and use crazy power-ups and the Game Center leader boards are still there so you can compare your scores against for friends and loved ones or simply against Temple Run Brave contestants around the world. Apple app forums regard this as one of the best endless running game apps on the market and even on featured as the App of The Week on App Store. Temple Run: Brave is truly a fast and frenzied experience especially when playing on your iPhone. It also works well on the iPod Touch and iPad too.

There are some new features in the latest version, for those who enjoyed Temple Run in the past. An update now resolves loading and messaging errors that appeared before. Many users experienced these problems in Temple Run and now it seems great that the latest update appears to have resolved this issue. Now your running experience through the hillsides of Scotland is complete again.

Temple Run: Brave stack some stunning graphics and effects. With so much free running it truly does feel like an endless gameplay. You can easily spend hours running around in the scottish highlands.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Temple Run: Brave [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Temple Run: Brave

Price: Free for a limited time

Category: Games

Developer: Walt Disney

Temple Run: Brave - Disney