Tunebash a New Social Media Music App – iOS Review

If you are a big music fan, like me, then you really should look at downloading the app Tunebash. Tunebash allows you to listen to music for free. It happens to be based on a social media platform so you can see where this app is heading; sharing music with your friends. You can listen to music along with your friends and it does not matter where you are whether you are on the beach, in a pub garden or at the local park. All you will need is your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Tunebash also allows you to see what your friends are listening to. The other features include the ability to look up any artist, album or song. You can stream these songs for free too. No more paying for expensive downloads. Even the app itself is free so you end up with a big catalogue of music absolutely free. The other day I was looking for music by my favourite band, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. After locating a number of the band’s albums I was able to look up and see if the band were touring and buy tickets for the concerts.

Unfortunately there were no current gigs available for my favourite at this time, but if you have a personal favourite artist and they happen to be playing some gigs somewhere, then Tunebash will allow you to buy tickets from a venue on the forthcoming tour. You can search through all the popular and current artists in the market today. Tunebash is a social media tool for music lovers. You can even search your Facebook friends to see who is using Tunebash and it works great with Twitter too. You can even read the entire buzz on Twitter about the artist or song too. The buzz will give you updates on what that particular artists is doing at the moment and if there are any upcoming tours or whether or not they might be working in the studio and recording new material.

The buzz on Twitter is a realm of information on the latest going on with your favourite artist or musician. Tunebash even makes good use of Bluetooth streaming. This particular feature came in very handy when a friend listened to a particular track and said she loved it. I agreed and she was immediately able to Bluetooth the song to my device (which happened be my iPhone4) and the track was instantly added to my catalogue.

Tunebash is simple and just works. We love it, so much that we give it our highest rating.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Tunebash [rating=5]

App Details

Title: Tunebash

Price: Free

Category: Music

Developer: LanceBay

Tunebash - Lancebay