oneSafe – Secure Password Keeper and Data Vault to Protect your Privacy and Keep your Secrets Safe – Review

There is no doubt your data and your privacy need to be kept safe and secure. Have you ever wondered how you go about remembering all those passwords? Many people use the same password time and time again but there are some websites that demand a password contains numbers as well as letters. There are others that demand your password contain a capital letter or a mix of lower case and upper case letters. This all means that remembering all your different passwords has become a nightmare.

Some people have taken to putting all their passwords onto an Excel spreadsheet. That’s not particularly that safe, particularly as all your passwords can be accessed by one insecure spreadsheet. OneSafe is an app which will keep all your passwords safe and also benefits from using a neat, smart-looking interface. The intuitive guide is also very user-friendly and this app is a must for those who need to lock up and secure their data.

Protecting your data with oneSafe is like protecting it like Fort Knox. The pretty looking slick interface helps and aids all those who struggle to remember things like usernames as well as passwords. Others may forget their bank codes or sort codes and account numbers. One Safe will help you to remember them all. This app works by storing your confidential information including any secret letters or documents you may want to hide and allows you to log into websites that require usernames and passwords with one simple touch.

It does not matter what type of information you wish to store, oneSafe will hold your information securely and safely. The interface is very smart looking and can be adapted to your own personal taste; basically you choose the themes. So how does oneSafe work for you? oneSafe is a Secure Password Keeper and Data Vault to protect your privacy and keep your secrets safe. OneSafe’s smart features include the ability to easily create items and view or edit them so they are kept in order. oneSafe also has ready made templates to help easily enter new data.

You can automatically log into websites as well as manage and safely store all your Word documents as well as Excel spreadsheets too. OneSafe allows you to mark any item to use as one of your favourites. This app certainly keeps all your private data secure.

I really like the fact that you can either enter a 4 digit PIN, a password of your choice or draw a pattern. There’s probably no better way of keeping all your secrets safe and secure, (well maybe in the vault at a bank) but oneSafe will definitely do.

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Title: oneSafe – Secure password keeper and data vault to protect your privacy and keep your secrets safe

Price: £3.99 – $5.99

Category: Productivity

Developer: Lunabee

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