Eventsions a Great Way to Find Local Events iOS Review

Are you one of these people who are always on the go? Then what you need is the app, Eventsions. There is no need to pay for this app, it is absolutely free and allows you to discover events while on the go. I’m one for always finding a great concert, festival, sporting match, or theatre show in my local area. All this invaluable information is now readily available on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

There are several different ways in which you can search for local events on the go with Eventsions; easily share on Facebook or Twitter and easily add any event to your iPhone calendar with just one click. One click is all it takes to connect your Facebook account with Eventsions. I will point out however that the events listed are only in the USA or Canada at this time.

Eventsions has several features. You can very easily find an event that takes your fancy and decide you want to go there. Your next step is to click a radar button that will automatically add the event to your iPhone calendar. Search by Zip Code or city name. Simply add the city you are in at any given moment in time and Eventsions will take you to a list of all the local shows, concerts, festivals and music pub nights.

Eventsions is handy for travellers too. If you are heading into a different town or city for the weekend then check Eventsions for any great happenings or goings-on at your new destination. You could plan your long weekend or week away a long time in advance. You may fancy the idea of a great concert watching a band that takes your liking. Eventsions will give you ticket prices, a full description of the gig and address of how to get there. You could even book a ticket by calling the phone number on the app next to the venue address.

Eventsions really does have it all. You can go onto Facebook and simply recommend an event to all of your friends or just a select few. There are over a stunning 30 different categories so you will never stuck for choice here. There are sports events, rock gigs, theatre shows and festivals. So, whatever your event of choice, Eventsions has something for everyone. You can even give your event a thumb up or a thumb down on the app, depending on whether you enjoyed it or not.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Eventsions [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Eventsions

Price: Free

Category: Travel

Developer: JRS Inc

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