Yumby Toss, Toss These Cuties Around iOS Review

Yumby Toss is an all action game ideal for youngsters and the young at heart alike. If you like tossing cute little critters into places of jeopardy then Yumby Toss and similar apps like this are going to be one of those apps you just can’t put down. There is a strong element of skill required to play Yumby Toss and some heroic blows. Basically it’s a wild game of skill and heroism. Yumby Toss requires you play this on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

If you are going on a long coach journey or a back seat passenger in Dad’s car then get Yumby Toss out and I will guarantee you won’t be annoying Dad with that age old tiresome question, “Are we there yet?”

That’s because Yumby Toss will keep you fixated for hours. Yumby Toss allows you to explore five amazingly different worlds. There are another 45 levels of forts which are destroying the “Gobblers.”

Each one of the five amazing worlds has its very own unique challenges. You will encounter spear-throwing minions and poisonous gases and that’s just to mention a couple. Yumby Toss rewards you as you break through the levels and destroy those Gobblers. There are six heroic Yumbies to choose from. They are all designed to help you through the challenges you will encounter from the amazing five worlds you go through.

The Yumbies will be used by you to be thrown into the ring of fire and into the dangerous areas that you will encounter. The Yumbies will be your friends and comrades and you will get to know them intimately as you play Yumby Toss. There is one called Olly, he will never give up fighting and will keep at it even when the odds are stacked against him and the chips are down. Another Yumby called Tork, has the ability to bust down walls, no matter how high and how thick. If you encounter a wall, Tork will set you free and bust his way through.

Jozet is a lovely little Yumby who can fly through the air with such grace and ease; how? Because Jozet is actually lighter than air itself and Jozet will drift through the air like the dandelion flower. Next up we have Daze, he is the bomb and then we have Loon, who bounces like a ball everywhere and finally Frankus, who can crush any Gobbler.

With some beautiful graphics and a cool story line, Yumby Toss is a an amazing app to grab. It’s free for the first two weeks, so what are you waiting for.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Yumby Toss [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Yumby Toss

Price: Free

Category: Game

Developer: Tap Crackle Pop

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