Odyssey: Alone against the whole space – Video Review

Looking for a great top down shooter for iPhone, look no further that the amazing free game Odyssey: Alone against the whole space. With options to upgrade your spaceship, armoury and weapons, you will have a great time shooting down your enemies. The game reminds of the 80’s style shooter game where enemy spaceships approach from the top of the screen and with agility and quick thinking you need to avoid their shots and return yours making sure they hit the target.

Odyssey is a top quality game with amazing graphics and well sort gameplay. My initial reaction was the game is going to load slow because of the quality of the graphics but how wrong I was. Odyssey loading time is merely seconds, it took me about 20 seconds from tapping the icon to start the game to playing the first level. For a game of this stature, that’s amazing. Odyssey is a pick up and play game. I did however found the control to move your ship was tricky but after a few goes I got the hang of it.

The wartime sound makes it even more of a cool app to play, it really get you geared up, ready to shoot those enemy spaceships down. Odyssey is free but does contain ads. The ads are positioned below the virtual joystick and the fire button, which often you might hit a few adverts. This can however be removed for $0.99 – £0.69, a small price to pay for a great game.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Odyssey [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Odyssey: Alone against the whole space

Price: Free but option to remove ads for $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Games

Developer: Anix LLC

Odyssey: Alone against the whole space - Anix LLC