Dora the Explorer: Where is Boots? A Hide and Seek Adventure – Review

Dora the Explorer is desperately looking for Boots. Can you help her find him in Dora the Explorer: Where is Boots? This app heralds the first time that Dora the Explorer is in a hide and seek adventure that you can interact with on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Your aim is to swipe and uncover hidden objects. Once you have done so Dora the Explorer will reveal who or what it is and what to do next. The original life and pop up book featuring Dora the Explorer is used here on this app. To achieve all the surprises on this app you need to tap the app rather than turn the page, as in the original pop up book.

Dora the Explorer has some exciting bonus activities and the music played in the background is great; it won’t get on your nerves like some game play music backgrounds do. Some of the great features in Dora include the chance to read along with Dora. As you turn the pages you are invited to read out aloud the highlighted text. Dora herself will read the words if you wish to simply listen.

The whole story is very engaging for kids and you will love playing this, along with your younger children. As Dora the Explorer hunts for Boots, your task is to help her find Boots by completing the stories told by Dora and revealing interactive objects. Each object will have its own animation. Another feature on this app is the Boots’ Banana Catch game; you are tasked with catching as many bananas as you can in each of the levels you go through and this really is addictive fun. Every level you are on, you will see a banana bunch of three somewhere in the midst of the bananas that are floating around.

Dora the Explorer allows you to make up your own story page too. You can select from any of the pages you are on to decorate it with animal stickers; all achieved with a simple tap on the screen. Dora the Explorer: Where is Boots is an engaging tale with great music and all round well-illustrated art work. There is even the opportunity to share by email your experiences with Dora the Explorer, though it’s probably best the parents do this for their kids. I am looking forward to my child having a go on another app in the series; Dora’s Enchanted Forest Adventure and if it’s anything like the hunt for Boots it’ll be a great experience.

The app packed some wonderful graphics and amazing sounds. The iPhone version is priced at $1.99 while the iPad version will set you back $3.99. We think a small price to pay with for such an intuitive and fun app, that the kids will definitely learn from.

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Title: Dora the Explorer: Where is Boots? A Hide and Seek Adventure

Price: $1.99 – £1.49

Category: Books

Developer: MTV Networks

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