My First Greek Book Volume One – Review

Apps are a funny thing; they are the little programs that help up move our lives in a variety of ways. Some apps are for pure enjoyment giving us mind numbing entertainment. Other apps sort our daily lives so we know where we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to do. Some apps are built to teach us a cornucopia of things. My First Greek Book Volume One from Papaloizos Publications is a teaching app geared towards teaching children the beginning pillars of the Greek language, in both the written and the spoken form.

My First Greek Book, Volume One comes in both a “lite” version, downloadable for free, or the full paid version for $9.99 or £6.99 GBP.  This app is well worth the price.  If I had a little one, this app would be like having the best Greek teacher in the world sitting beside the child on the sofa guiding them through the sounds and the letters of the language. The graphics are fun and visually stimulating; the songs are catchy and cute, allowing the child to sing along which reinforces the pronunciation of the letters and basic words.

The workbook section gives the child the practice of fundamentals they will need to learn the language starting from the Greek Alphabet up.  There are a plethora of fun games that the child can do on their own time or you can do as a parent/child activity, which will only enhance their learning experience.  Yes the price is steep, but this is a highly targeted app for children learning the Greek language, and I can’t think of a better way to start them on their learning path.

My First Greek Book Volume One  picks up a 5 star rating from us, but we do realize  the price of $9.99 won’t sit well with too many people. However, this book is the first installment and Volume Two will be released soon, if there is a free upgrade  and we think there will be, then My First Greek Book deserves the 5 stars.

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App Details

Title: My First Greek Book Volume One

Price: $9.99 – £6.99

Category: Education

Developer: Papaloizos Publications

My First Greek Book Volume I - Papaloizos Publications, Inc