Falling Shapes, A Fun Learning Game for Kids – Video Review

Falling Shapes is one of those apps which is ideal for kids to play and learn. It has been designed and developed by adults purely to teach children about how shapes work and how different colours interact with those shapes. It’s a bit of a brain training exercise for your little ones, a task that will allow them to develop their minds and become strategically sound for more advanced apps and tasks in later life.

Falling Shapes is all about matching shapes and will allow the child to develop and improvise their visual perception. They will also be able to develop a number of reflex skills by matching the Falling Shapes onto existing shapes on the game app. The Falling Shapes will try and land on the wrong shape so your child will need to correct this and match it to the correct shape before it lands on the wrong one.

A classic start would be the circle shape attempting to land into the wrong shape, possibly a square or a triangle. The task is to make sure it does not land on the wrong shape but within its true matched shape. Once the child gets it right and matches the shape on the correct falling shape they will gain points. Once there is some momentum gained and the child begins to match the shapes correctly Falling Shapes will start to speed up and challenge the reflexes to the next level.

It is possible to pit your skills against other members of the family or you friends. See how many points you can gain and remember, the faster Falling Shapes gets, the more points you will add up on the board. It is a very easy, straightforward game app to play. Simply watch for the falling shapes, as the shape slowly tumbles down from the top of the screen you will see a number of shapes at the bottom of the screen. If a triangle is falling then look for the triangle on the screen and tap it to match.

Remember Falling Shapes gets faster as you become more successful. There are heart shapes, stars, circular and diamond shapes to contend with and also a hexagon shape in there too. It can get harder when you are expected to match the colour as well as the shape too. This makes for an extra challenge in Falling Shapes.

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