World of Blocks iPhone Review – Video

World of Blocks is the unique game from WB soft LLC. If you’ve being looking for a challenging game then look no further. With 65 levels spread over 6 locations the challenge is certain. How good is your aim? How about your stability? These are just two of the lists of things needed to complete the levels of World of Blocks.

The object of World of Blocks is to use different type of balls to knock down the bad blocks while trying hard to keep the good ones up. It sounds easier than it actually is and if you haven’t got patience you will find yourself getting really annoyed. Aim is key, along with a stable hand and quick thinking. The further you progress through the levels the harder it becomes. The first level is like a tutorial and consist of 5 games that basically show you how to go about completing the task.

I like the fact that there is a section that tells you about the different balls you will be using, the blocks that you should knock down and the cannon, call Franky that you will be using to fire the balls.

World of Blocks is quite a cool and exciting and unique in it’s own right. The roman like theme is truly gorgeous and the stunning graphics make World of Blocks an awesome game.I cannot find a fault or any sort of glitch that would downgrade the app and I gladly present World of Blocks with 5 stars. Did I mentioned that World of Blocks is free for a limited time. You can pay to remove the limitations that the app sets, like having unlimited balls. But that would make it less of a challenge. The app is normally priced at only $0.99 – £0.69

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App Details

Title: World of Blocks

Price: Free for a limited time, will return to $0.99

Category: Game

Developer: WB soft LLC

World of Blocks - WB Soft LLC