Word Poker Live Free – iPhone Review

If you love playing poker then you will love a game of Word Poker Live, a free app that allows you to indulge in your favourite game as a word based style of poker. Word Poker Live Free is one of a kind and the only app that allows you to play Texas Hold ‘Em Poker with other people online. Yes that’s right; you will perform against other real people with Word Poker Live Free.

It works by having each letter assigned a certain value in points based on how often it is used in words. It’s a kind of scrabble meets poker with a twist. You will use three cards that you are dealt with and there will be five cards placed out on the table. This will create a word that is hopefully worth more points than the other players on the table competing against you. Just as in the game of Texas Hold ‘Em you can bet, check, raise, call or twist as you play the game with a goal of increasing the total amount of money available to you to win.

If you can’t spell a word then you can try and outwit your opponent by poker style bluffing and pretending you can. It’s just like poker but with words. You can select a wide range of different avatars to represent yourself at the table and don’t worry about running out of chips as you can always buy more at the online store. You will gain achievements as the game goes along based purely on the words you spell.

The best thing about Word Poker Live Free is that you are playing against real people and in real time. Call up your family and friends and ask them if they fancy a game of Word Poker Live Free. It does not matter where they are based in the world; you can pit your wits against the wider public or just anyone who happens to be online and is ready to play.

Word Poker Live Free is a very interesting twist on the game of poker and will keep you entertained for hours. All you need to do to get up and running is to download the app onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and you will be up and playing Word Poker Live Free with real people in real time.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Word Poker Live [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Word Poker Live Free

Price: Free

Category: Game

Developer: Graphite Fusion

Word Poker Live Free - Graphite Fusion