Stealthmate iPhone Monitoring App Track and Log Everything

Technology has leaped along in leaps and bounds in recent years and now it has made another tremendous jump forward for iPhone owners. Imagine being able to silently record SMS text messages on your iPhone and locate where they were sent from using a GPS location tracking system. Also if you have received a call, imagine what it’s like to know where that call was made from.

Well now you can with Stealthmate. It is the first commercial spy software that works exclusively on the Apple iPhone. You will need the 4S model iPhone and will reveal the facts behind their GPS location, SMS text messages and calls made. You need only simply log on to any browser and you can sign into to your mobile spy account and even view any images or videos taken by the phone as well.

Stealthmate is a piece of software which allows you to keep tabs on your iPhone in real time. Anything that happens on your iPhone is recorded in real time. Once you put the software on board you can simply log into your account from any browser and see all SMS text messages sent, where calls were made from. The iPhone Stealthmate also monitors all browsing activity on the phone. A list is produced of all URLs visited. Any email activity is also monitored. Which mail items have been sent and any incoming received messages too.

Do you want to know which YouTube videos have been watched or iMessages sent and received? No problem, Stealthmate is an ideal tool for monitoring all phone activity on any iPhone 4S and above. If you ever want to uninstall the program from your phone then that’s no problem as you can do so remotely. Stealthmate is ideal for those who want to monitor an iPhone for activity. You may be a parent or guardian and hope to monitor your child’s activity on their iPhone or if you own a business and dish out iPhones to your employees for business purposes and want to track any misuse.

The list of reasons why Stealthmate is such a handy tool is endless. The phone user will have no idea the phone is being remotely monitored and all activity by the user is silent. You can even log into your account from another phone as long as it has a browser.

Stealthmate isn’t only for iPhone, compatible with Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or Symbian OS based smartphone including many models by Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, HTC and a lot more. A 3 months license cost $39.99.

Disclaimer, Stealthmate iPhone Spy App should be used wisely. It’s certainly not for a jealous husband or wife.