Word Poker Live Video Review

Word Poker Live is the only app in the App Store that allows you to play word-based Texas Hold’em Poker with REAL people! Each letter is assigned a point value based on its frequency of use in words. Use the three cards in your hand and the five cards on the table to create a word that is worth more points than the words created by the other players at the table. Bet, Call, Check, and Raise along the way in order to increase the total amount of money you can win! Can’t spell a word? Try to outsmart your opponent by bluffing! Its Texas Hold’em Poker, but with Words!

– Choose from a wide variety of different avatars!

– Run out of chips? Get some more from the store!

– Gain achievements based on the words you spell!

– Play against REAL people in REAL time.

App Details

Title: Word Poker Live Free

Price: Free

Category: Game

Developer: Graphite Fusion

Word Poker Live Free - Graphite Fusion