Hello Cappuccino Cafe Manager – iOS Review

Hello Cappuccino Cafe Manager is a new role playing game on the Appstore, available for both the iPhone and the iPad, from KTH developers. The premise of the game is to create and operate a stylish and successful coffee shop.  The user gets to design their decor, hire and manage their staff, and set the theme in which they want to run their conceptualized business.  The graphics and choices for the establishing the cafe’s decor, accessories and equipment, and even picking their staff’s uniforms are fun, and give the player a sense of creating a virtual business.  The methodology of the game is to complete the necessary tasks each level provides.  Now, the big question is “Is this a fun game?” Not really. Hello Cappuccino Cafe Manager begs me to ask the question who would in fact would like to while away their time with this game.

To start the game the player has to complete the seven chapters of tutorials. You then have to complete the tasks at hand, to allow you to proceed to the next level. The Customer, not unlike in real life, determines if your help to them has been satisfactory. You are rewarded for good service and penalized for the poor service. I get that. But, why would I want my spare time to be basically at a virtual workplace . The other question I keep asking is “who would actually like to do this for a career?” I know that in my spare time from my day job I don’t know if I want a night time job dealing with more customers. Working in a cafe or bistro after a long day at the office wouldn’t make me relax. If I were simulating perhaps a job in space, that might be different. My imagination would be able to explore space travel, but everyone has been a cafe, since they are on every street corner.

The Graphics for Hello Cappuccino are good, they are crisp and cute. The characters are fun, but it comes down to the simple question “Is this a fun game?” This game is a “free” download with add-ons that can quickly add up in price if the user isn’t paying attention to what the price is when they buy future options. iPhoneglance gives Hello Cappuccino a rating of 3 stars.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Hello, Cappuccino Cafe Manager is [rating=3]

App Details

Title: Hello Cappuccinno Cafe Manager

Price: Free (in-app purchase available)

Category: Game

Developer: KTH

Hello,Cappuccino (Cafe Manager) - KTH