Tooth Monster HD Pro Keep Those Plaque Monsters Away – iOS Review

If you want your child to become brave and help them to fight tooth decay then download Tooth Monster HD Pro. It’s an app for children to help them fight off scary plaque monsters and teach them six necessary steps to brushing teeth correctly. Now it is possible to learn how to brush one’s teeth properly in a fun and interesting way with Tooth Monster HD Pro.

There is a Brush Your Teeth playbook which shows the six important steps involved in brushing teeth. When you follow these important steps you will learn how to brush the outside of your teeth, the inside of your teeth and the back teeth. It will also show you how you should brush the tongue too. You will automatically be shown how to brush your teeth by moving your finger with the arrows on your iPad screen. Amazingly, once you have performed the task of brushing your teeth you can collect stamps as rewards and work towards the White Smile Crown.

Tooth Monster HD Pro teaches any child how to master each step in the brushing process and will help to give your child strong white teeth. There are songs on board too which can be sung along by your child while brushing their teeth. One of the songs is called the Cavity Fighters Song and another is called the Plaque Monsters Song, which has words telling you how you should brush your teeth three times a day for three minutes at a time and usually three minutes after each meal.

Tooth Monster HD Pro also has an in purchase fairy tale complete with illustrations. The Cavity Fighters and thePlaqueKingdomis available as an app book. In the story you can read to your child, Jini and Bini venture to theWhiteSmileKingdomin a world called MouthWorld. However, the Plaque Monsters have other ideas to upset the apple cart by finding food particles which they attack and build plaque with.

Jini and Bini are forced to call upon the Cavity Fighters so they can be the heroes as they fight off the Plaque Monsters. The Cavity Fighters and thePlaqueKingdomhas a My Book feature which allows you to read and record your own voice to hear the fairy tale. Tooth Monster HD Pro is only available to use on the iPad using iOS 3.2 or later.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Tooth Monster HD Pro is [rating=4]

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Title: Tooth Monster HD Pro

Price: $4.99

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Developer: Jinibini

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