Toppin’Wiper iOS Review

The Toppin’ Wiper app is a fun and clean way to keep a doughnut selling store from going down in the ratings. You are an owner of a doughnut store that has a five star rating system which you are proudly distributing the breaded cakes to your happy customers. However, selling doughnuts to satisfied customers is a tough business and it’s not always plain sailing. In order to maintain your five-star status you need to keep your shop clean and tidy.

When people decide they do not like the products you are selling to them, they will throw them back at you. This makes the shop filthy and causes damage to the rating structure. At is at this juncture you will need Toppin’ Wipers. This is where you come in; as a Toppin’ Wiper your task is to clean the shop up of the stains and blemishes on the store front that have been caused by doughnuts being thrown. You need to wipe the stains quickly too as if you are too slow you will find the stains begin to stick.

You need to tilt your device and aim the magic bubble towards the stain which will clean the stain off. Your device can be an iPhone 4 or later, iPod Touch (4th generation or later) or an iPad 2 (or later) to run Toppin’ Wiper. As you begin to tilt your device you will have to avoid the milk bubbles. During your cleaning task you will then have the ability to start collecting premium doughnuts where you can earn a special bonus. There is a power up bonus feature which allows you to double your score or perform an instant clean.

There are two separate modes by which you can play Toppin’ Wiper; an all action mode that allows you to really get down and dirty (or get down and clean) and another mode which allows for a more relaxed approach to the game. Toppin’ Wiper is best played on an iPhone although it will run on the other platforms, it is one of those game play apps that needs you to tilt the device and in some kind of way, drive it yourself.

Toppin’ Wiper is a tough business and it is your job to wipe the wall clean from the products that dissatisfied customers have thrown back at us. Toppin’ Wipers requires you to maintain that five-star status.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Toppin’Wiper [rating=4]

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Title: Toppin’Wiper

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Game

Developer: Amberate

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