Magnet Boy iOS Review

Magnet Boy is an app that combines a puzzle with an arcade style game that puts your brain to the test. Magnet Boy flies from one magnet to another and collects parts for a robot. Then a rebuilding of broken machines is followed by a puzzle challenge that will test both your brawn and your patience alike. It is down to you to move Magnet Boy from one platform to the next while collecting robot parts on every level you can. It’s a mobile gaming experience like you have never seen before.

The background to Magnet Boy is that he must help the professor put the robots back together again. The robots were the creation of the professor and he was delivering them to Earth when and evil villainous warlord, jealous of the professor’s success, decided to smash the robots into pieces. Magnet Boy has the power to collect the robotic parts and reassemble them back to their former glory.

To shoot or propel Magnet Boy forward you will need your best point and pull gaming skills. You need to skilfully project Magnet Boy to areas where there are robot parts, and once achieved you then need to collect them and reassemble the robots back to the way the professor had before the evil villain had got his destructive forces to work on them.

However, it’s not all straight forward as you need to adapt Magnet Boy’s charge whilst he is flying through the air. While he is flying in between magnets there is no charge so it’s up to you to update the charge accordingly, failure to do so could see Magnet Boy drift away from the target and away from the field of play. When Magnet Boy flies towards a positively charged magnet he is negative and vice versa. If you choose to skip a magnet you will need to keep Magnet Boy neutral.

Magnet Boy features one level packed with 20 different sub-levels that are all available for free. You can purchase another three levels absolutely free when you buy an in-app purchase. Magnet Boy is a fun app game with frighteningly dangerous black holes and mystical portals to encounter. It runs neatly on an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad platforms. The colours are vibrant and the cartoon characters are smoothly animated as Magnet Boy flies, bounces, twists, turns and tumbles through space thanks to its powerful physics engine.

App Details

Title: Magnet Boy

Price: Free

Category: Game

Developer: Mongol Content

Magnet Boy - Mongol Content (Hong Kong) Limited