First Sight iOS App Review

The guys and girls at Cazooie, LLC have got together again to bring you another exciting multi-play mobile phone app to test your strategy and give users a bundle of fun in the process. First Sight, the object is to become the first person to correctly guess the object hidden underneath the game board.

The object is hidden by squares or tiles; how many tiles depend very much on the level of difficulty you have chosen to play. The game app is ideal for two players who will try and guess if their First Sight is better than their opponents. Turns are taken by each player to unravel and reveal squares that will expose more of the picture; it’s up to you to choose which square you wish to remove.

The more squares that are revealed the easier it becomes to see what the picture or object is. You will need to take your go in strict turn rotation. So if you know the answer but your opponent does not, and it happens to be your opponent’s turn, then you would do well to keep quiet until it’s your turn, where you can make that guess and win. Once you have won four images or guessed four objects, you become the winner.

The kind of images and pictures used are everyday objects and there are regular updates where new and fresh images are added on a daily basis. This will prevent repeat images to continuously start reappearing and means you can enjoy countless hours of fun, without having to say you knew the image as you’d seen it previously.

First Sight is all about fun and it can be very addictive; but there are many features that will benefit those playing. First Sight is good for sharpening the old grey matter and boosting brainpower by using your sight to deduct what an object is.

Players will also be able to expand their vocabulary skills and correct spelling. The great features of First Sight are that you can play off against a complete stranger, a relative or a friend. You can also submit your photos for game play and you won’t be plagued by any annoying little ads!

First Sight is also able to link up with Facebook and Twitter, so your friends can help you to solve some of the puzzles. First Sight is available for $0.99 but there is a free version which allows you to try before you buy, download it here.

App Details

Title: First Sight

Price: £0.69 – $0.99

Category: Games

Developer: Cazooie

First Sight - Cazooie