TryGuessThis A Word Puzzle Game With a Twist – Review

TryGuessThis is a game app from Fruit Bar Entertainment that is an ideal time waster for when you are on a long journey by coach, car or rail. The game is a bit of a puzzle that will challenge you and it is possible to play along with friends and family if you wish. The story of Try Guess This begins in Picto Land where Louis has been set loose.

Louis will inspire you with a word puzzle game which is both fun and educational. Louis uses magical power to combine photo hunting with a word puzzle game. Your task is to impress Louis by using your creative spark and vivid imagination to unlock new features to help you in your quest to emerge as the winner in future competitions. Try Guess This is a social photo hunting game combined with a guessing challenge that has a twist.

It’s is amusing, creative and works as a brain teaser that will improve your creative skills. In its features there are more than 3,000 words and some editing features which can put a real twist on the game. You can play against your friends or family members or alternatively challenge your followers and friends on Twitter and Facebook. You can even play against complete strangers from anywhere in the world.

There is a huge gallery where you can access photos from all around the world and a shop where you can find many more features and effects. There are also some updates in the pipeline which feature multi-player game mode or a method where a group can all play together at the same time plus a feature where you can make up your own words.

TryGuessThis is an app where word puzzles will combine with great animation to provide fun mixed with brain training. If anything it could well improve your vocabulary and your wordsmith knowledge, particularly considering there are over 3,000 words in the library and the ability to add words. The regular updates will automatically add new words to the database.

TryGuessThis works on the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod Touch and you can connect through your Facebook account or Twitter account which certainly makes logging in very simple after you set up the initial sign in process. TryGuessThis is a free app which takes up very little space (9.8MB) so it’s well worth a go on this entertaining word puzzle adventure.

iPhoneGlance Rating of TryGuessThis [rating=4]

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Title: TryGuessThis

Price: Free

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Developer: Fruitbar Entertainment

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