Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor – Review

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor takes you on an adventure where you trap bugs, spin webs and unlock the secrets of Bryce Manor. Basically you are a spider and one day you are crawling around and looking for somewhere to settle down and spin your webs and catch some flies to eat. As you crawl around you discover a derelict abandoned mansion. The mansion looks perfect for you and when you go inside you are left wondering who used to live here and what made them leave so suddenly?

You need answers to these burning questions and you will crawl from room to room, building webs as you go, spinning traps for your food of any insect you can hope to trap. Every dark and dingy corner you build your web you can begin to unlock some more answers. Do you, as the spider, have the answers to try and unravel the secrets of Bryce Manor? Do you know what happened to the Bryce family? Every time you spin a web you begin to unlock that secret.

In the Secret of Bryce Manor you will explore the abandon mansion through 38 wonderfully illustrated levels, each one beautifully graphic in style. The levels begin right down at the bottom in depths of the basement and go all the way to the top in the dizzy heights of the weather vane at the very top of the mansion. Your task is to find those secrets and look for the areas that will unlock those secrets of what happened to the Bryce family.

The Secret of Bryce Manor is a puzzle challenging game where you will draw webs with your fingers, touch the screen to walk, swipe your finger across the screen to jump and spin your webs of your own design by drawing shapes in the mansion. You will have your enemies though; hornets have also taken refuge in the mansion and you will need to avoid these.

There will be mosquitoes that you need to herd, dragonflies to stun and moths to attract for food. Attracting the moths is performed by increasing the light in the app. The Secrets of Bryce Manor will provide hours of captivating game app play. It can be played on the iPhone, the iPod Touch or your iPad. It has also been optimized to work on the new iPhone 5.

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Title: Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

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Developer: Tiger Style

Spider:  The Secret of Bryce Manor - Tiger Style