Monster of Puppets iOS Review

A great gaming app that combines swipe motion game play with tap-to-shoot screen play, making this an amusing and dynamic app game. There are so many levels on this app; you’ll not be able to count them. It’ is an app that gets harder and faster as you progress. Forget about those old fruit salads, they won’t fight you back any longer. Monster of Puppets is full of charismatic, cute, lively, flamboyant and expressive characters.

Monster of Puppets has some wonderful graphics which are guaranteed to keep all the family entertained. The game’s mechanics are easy to follow and have an easy style of game play. It’s ideal for kids as they can get to grips with Monster of Puppets straight away. But Monster of Puppets is not too easy that is does not offer a challenge to those who demand it. The survival mode is very challenging and will test even the most experienced players.

As for weapons, well there are hundreds of them to collect. There are also a number of abilities which you can gain like extra strength etc. Furthermore, there is a pleasant story behind the Monster of Puppets game. It all begins in an amusement centre, after the park has closed up for the day to the general public. Charlie is the only person on the amusement park, where he works as a night janitor and caretaker. But his chores are interrupted by the sudden arrival of a UFO spaceship which then begins to fire beams at all the stalls.

This action allows the puppets within the stalls to suddenly come alive. The Monster of Puppets then all begin to behave in character and start to take over the world. Some of the puppets are robots, some zombies, Dracula, Halloween pumpkins, werewolves, and witches to name but a few. Now it’s up to janitor Charlie to fend the puppet monsters off armed only with a broom. It really is down to Charlie to beat of the alien invasion and their army of monstrous puppets.

There are two modes; storybook and survival and you can always pick up more weapons at the shop. There are a number of bonus and penalty objects. Monster of Puppets is a fun game that all the family can play, it’s simple and brilliantly made and I think the cute characters are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face when you see them.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Monster of Puppets [rating=4]

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Title: Monster of Puppets

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Games

Developer: NuOxygen

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