5 of the Best Classic Games for Your Phone or Tablet

Eighties kitsch is big business right now, and pretty much everyone seems to be ‘bringing it back ’ wearing neon, backcombing their hair, doing the electric boogaloo on old squares of lino in their garage, and eating prawn cocktail.

For those of us old enough to remember this period the first time around, it’s like welcoming back an old friend, making us feel all nostalgic for the days when life seemed somehow simpler; cars ran on 4 star petrol (which cost next to nothing) and video games were played on BBC Acorns, or, if you were lucky enough, the latest in gaming tech – a Commodore 64.

For those of you wanting to relive these moments in history, pull on a pair of legwarmers, don some deely boppers, and download one of these classic games onto your iPhone:

StreetFighter II Collection
This is a collection of three versions of the original fighting game that defined an entire genre. Controls are easy to use and even offer the chance to execute some of the ‘special’ moves of its 25-year-old, big brother. Playing this is like taking a history lesson in classic gaming, and I promise you will be addicted after your first ‘Hadouken’

Sonic the Hedgehog
OK, not strictly from the 80’s, but a classic nonetheless. The original was released during a time when the other, popular games involved a considerable amount of jumping and hopping, but not much else. Sonic was a whole new kettle of fish – very fast fish at that. You were able race across the screen at breakneck speed, completing levels in record time. The iPhone game doesn’t disappoint, and whilst the controls are far from perfect the game is worth a download, especially if you were a fan of the original.

Playing Frogger will not make you more intelligent, stronger, faster or richer but it will make you whole lot happier. Having celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2011, the iPhone app features both classic and new graphics that will transport you straight back to the very early 80’s. Navigating the little fella isn’t made particularly easy, although developers have created three different ways to control him from tilting, to flicking to tapping – for info, tapping seems to be the most effective.

At the grand old age of 32 Pac Man is the granddaddy of classic arcade games. Pac Man is a maze action game, where you become the yellow pizza shaped guy, gobbling pellets and avoiding the baddies (as if you needed telling) The iPhone version of the game is a picture perfect recreation of the original.

Tetris was the original ‘brain training’ game. In 1992 scientists discovered playing Tetris could make your brain operate more efficiently, and it’s easy to see how. Tetris is a tile-matching puzzle, where the idea is to form horizontal lines of squares to be cleared from the board. Available for download on iPhones, iPads and other light and thin ultrabooks, it’s as addictive now as it ever was. The iOS release manages to fuse old with new in a welcome update, which features new controls, new options and the ability to rank up more quickly.

This article was written by Jonathan Swain, who blogs at iPhoneInStyle.co.uk.