ARC Squadron A Head to Head Combat App you Can’t Get Enough Of – Review

As far as shoot ’em up style games are concerned, ARC Squadron is one that has been described as polished, impressive, delightful and raises the bar for games of this genre. ARC Squadron is set in the galaxy where you are the only saviour available to prevent all peace loving life forms from destruction. The Guardians are an evil, nasty race who is slowly taking over the universe. One planet after another they ravage and kill and don’t care who gets in their way.

Enter yours truly as a fighter pilot with an elite status and reputation, serving with the ARC Squadron. You will go face to face with the Guardians and tackle them head on and attempt to slow down and even stop their evil ways and destruction. You will have one touch, simple controls to navigate with on ARC Squadron and you can pretty much shoot and blast your way through until you have killed and nullified the Guardians for good.

There are nine Guardian warlords to encounter and as you destroy each one, the others will present you with new and varying challenges that you will not have seen in the previous Guardian warlord. The defining battle for the universe is on and you are tasked with destroying the evil Guardian lords. It’s just a question of whether you are on board or not.

ARC Guardian has stunning graphics and at $2.99 its 64 levels prove to be good value for money, particularly as the graphics are stunning and optimized for retina display on the iPhone. There are at least another 20 environments and 15 different challenge levels from beginner to established ace fighter pilot. Arc Guardian also features nine separate boss battles and you will have access to six ships with skin you can unlock. All the ships are capable of being upgraded and you will need to improve your ships to combat the threat of the Guardian lords.

All the weaponry is upgradeable too and with 10 separate weapons available, you will need your best strategy know-how to outfox the Guardians. There is a leader board available on the ARC Squadron app and you can challenge friends (or foes) in the Game Center. ARC Squadron will also issue out achievements and accolades once you overcome the lords running the Guardian. These achievements are visible by others in the Game Center. ARC Squadron runs on the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone and is compatible with the iPhone 5.

iPhoneGlance Rating of ARC Squadron [rating=5]

App Details

Title: ARC Squadron

Price: $2.99 – £1.99

Category: Games

Developer: Psyonix Studios

ARC Squadron - Psyonix