FAA’s Free App of the Day – I Dig It

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I Dig It is an extremely addictive title. It may have hit the App Store all the way back in 2009, but it’s definitely still worth playing. Especially now it’s free.

In this game, you take on the role of a farmer’s friend who’s converted an old bulldozer into a futuristic high-tech digging machine. Your job is to tunnel downwards through the earth and find valuable items that can be sold off in order to pay your buddy’s mortgage.

You’ll also have to spend some of the cash you earn on your digger. Burrowing into the ground is a dangerous business, you see, so you’ll need to splash some moolah on repairs and upgrades.

You can either race against the clock to pay off your friend’s mortgage in Campaign mode, or attempt to find all 60 of this game’s collectible items in Free-play mode.

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