Take A Journey Around The World in iOS App Coaster Crazy – Review

Coaster Crazy is a rollercoaster game that truly is a bit, well crazy! It comes from the same team that brought us Lost Winds 2 and Rollercoaster Tycoon and features mad scientists, little old ladies, zombies, nerds and accountants. There are also extra terrestrial visitors and some sheep, yes sheep!

Coaster Crazy brings you cheerleaders, explosions, panders and coasters just by simply tracing your finger over the touch screen to manufacture any coaster you can imagine, all in glorious 3D. It really is so easy to build and design your coaster. Once you have built your roller coaster you can then ride them and even crash them. You might want to make them tall, long, fast, short, modern, old fashioned wooden ones or just plain crazy ones.

Coaster Crazy takes you on a special journey using the world and the moon. You will build cash making roller coaster empire with ever lasting mad creations. Unlock special pieces to create coaster cars, special items, track styles and designs in order to build up your cash flow. You will have to meet the fiendish challenges your crazy characters will inflict upon you so it’s not all plain sailing.

In fact, some of the customers can be terribly demanding and it’s up to you to be at the top of your game with customer satisfaction. You will need to keep your roller coaster going fast enough to prevent the speed freak from showing off and coaster surfing with a broad grin on his face. But at the same time you will need to keep your speed so that you do not create too much G-Force. Once you attain too much G-Force Professor Nitro Glycerin will explode.

Your score needs to be kept high too as low scores will allow the zombies to infect other passengers. The trick is to get Coaster Crazy and multi-task by satisfying all of the customers at the same time. You will see what happens to the little old lady when your ride is too intense and don’t forget the accountants, some queasy guy (you don’t want to upset his stomach!), a king, some policemen, a mayor and an extra terrestrial alien.

You can build your roller coaster through wonderful scenery and design your very own customised paint jobs. Once you are all done you can upload and share with all your friends. You can upload to the Coaster Crazy leader boards and when someone else downloads your coaster, you gain in-house currency.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Coaster Crazy [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Coaster Crazy

Price: Free (in-app purchases available)

Category: Games

Developer: Frontier Developments

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