ClonErase Camera – Automatic Photo Manipulation: Review

There is no doubt about it; ClonErase Camera’s automatic photo manipulation app is one cool app that will let you manipulate photographs making them surreal. Basically its two main features involve the ability to remove completely a person or object from an image as if it simply was no longer there. You can also add an item or person into an image which is where the cloning part comes in.

Imagine taking a photo of yourself sat in the driver’s seat of an open top convertible sports car. Then clone yourself into the passenger seat, the back passenger’s seat right side and left side too. You can remove unwanted people from images leaving the photograph to appear as though the person was never in the shot at all.

Imagine you have arrived from another country and found a pleasant friendly stranger who is willing to take a photograph or a nice picture of you and your other half posing on Tower Bridge in the centre of London with the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in the background, only for some fool to walk past and pull a stupid face in the background. You may not have realised the spoiler until it is too late and you have made your way back to the hotel and spotted the perfect shot had been ruined.

Enter ClonErase Camera: Automatic Photo Manipulation, an app that will rid you of unwanted objects (or persons) as though they were never there in the first place. ClonErase Camera: Automatic Photo Manipulation works automatically and you do not need to mark any areas that you may want cloning. It really is easy to make those stunning pictures become like surreal.

You can take up to eight pictures of the same scene where people or/and objects are moving around. The camera within the app works out all the changes in the different pictures. It knows where a person or object has shifted position or even moved out side of the frame altogether. Next ClonErase Camera: Automatic Photo Manipulation will produce two results.

One result is a clone (you can have up to eight clones) of the same person within the shot or erase, where the image sees those persons or objects removed. There is also a self-timer feature on the app so you can take several pictures of you by yourself. ClonErase Camera: Automatic Photo Manipulation is easier to use than other clone apps and you’ll get some great ideas for your Facebook Timeline cover image here.

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Title: ClonErase Camera – automatic photo manipulation

Price: $1.99

Category: Photo & Video

Developer: ZEDOnet

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