How Your iPhone Can Help You Make Money

I’m sure I can speak for all other iPhone owners when I say that our iPhones are fabulous. Aside from being able to make calls and send SMS’, our iPhones have the ability to help us to find out whether our trains are running on time, find our favourite restaurant deals and can even run businesses on the go. So, it’s no wonder many of us wouldn’t have a clue what we’d now do without them. 

But, aside from helping us to run pretty much every aspect of our social lives, they can also work wonders on our finances.

Now, I know you’re probably now a bit baffled considering the initial price of your iPhone most certainly left you a little out of pocket, but putting this aside, they really can help you to earn some pennies in the long run. 

How, you ask? Well, with the help of these handy little apps, of course! So, get downloading and you could be earning cash in no time:

1. Gigwalk (Free)

This useful little app quite literally lets you earn money as you walk. Using your iPhones GPS settings, you can earn cash by simply reviewing businesses (a.k.a. ‘gigs’) that are located near you. 

You can either review ‘gigs’ randomly, or you can narrow down your gig search by pay, by job, by city and either by other regions, so you’re not restricted to earning cash in a specific way. 

Some gigs let you earn money simply by verifying their location, or by taking pictures of their setting and even displaying their menus – so, it really easy to earn some extra cash. 

The more businesses you review, the higher your ‘streetcred’ will become, so it’s a great way to also build your own professional profile. The bigger you build your streetcred, the higher your opportunity to complete higher paying gigs is.

It’s important to note, that before downloading this app, you must have a PayPal account as this is the method Gigwalk uses to pay you for your completed gigs. Happy earning!

Surveys On The Go (Free)

Similarly to Gigwalk, this is an extremely simple and effective way to make money.

All it requires is you joining up and completing surveys for a number of companies, products and even political campaigns, who all just want your opinion. 

Although you won’t be earning mega-bucks, the app is a great way to earn very easy money. Are you bored waiting for the bus, or have got nothing to do on your way to work on the train? Well, open the app and Surveys On The Go can cure your boredom and help you earn money as you go. Simple!

The app also requires a PayPal account to be paid, so make sure you’ve got one of these set up before you start!

eBay (Free)

Now, I know that this app suggestion may not seem entirely original, but hear me out; because, I believe that using this app on your iPhone is much more efficient than using it on your laptop or computer.

Online market places such as eBay are the perfect way to earn money. All they require you to do is gather up all of your unwanted items and sell them to those that do! 

And, the iPhone app helps to make selling your items even easier. Simply take a photo of them using your iPhone and upload them straight onto the app. You can then add, edit and preview your listing at the touch of the button, see who’s watching your items and even mark them shipped as soon as you’ve sent them off – so, there’s no need to stay tied to your computer to stay up to date with the progress of your auction. All you then need to do is watch as the money comes rolling in!
There’s only one downside to this app, and that’s its ability to act as the perfect excuse to buy new clothes once you’ve sold your old ones. As a girl, I fall too easy into the trap of constantly checking the app to see what new items I could buy.

But, this is where your iPhone further helps with your financial life. As well as making money, your trusty little smartphone also helps you to save it too. Before, you start wondering what to splurge your new eBay earnings on, make sure you search for the latest discounts before buying – they’re the easiest way to save. Simply enter what you’re looking for into your Safari browser, for example ‘Topshop Promo Codes’ or ‘TM Lewin Promo Codes’ and you’ll save money in no time. 

So, there you have it. Your iPhone really is one of the most useful ways to make (and save!) those precious pennies!

This article was written by Jon, an experienced freelance writer and editor at