Mash Some Annoying Balls in This iOS App Mashballs

This is a fun app with a chance for you to mash up some balls. The balls to be mashed are annoying and you may even find you’ll get some real pleasure out of mashing the balls as a kind of stress relieving exercise. The ultimate leader of the Mashballs is the one known as Ballr, he is the one you are tasked to help. You can even become the leader yourself, if you have some fight in you so have a bit of fun and indulge in some laughter and stress relief by mashing up those annoying balls.

The strategy of Mashballs is to collect points and overcome simple obstacles. You can accelerate on super bouncers and even switch gravity. By using your fingertips it is possible to use and create magnetic fields. Your task is very clear to smash the balls that will surely mock you. You will get hours of satisfaction when you mash the balls, particularly as they will be making fun out of you and getting you even madder by the minute. Your aim is to be the greatest and share those achievements with your chums.

Mashballs has more than 40 levels and to mash the balls it is a simple method of dragging, aiming and hitting all the annoying, mocking balls. If you place your finger on the screen just on the great Ballr with the sunglasses, pull him back (like a catapult) and then release and watch him mash the balls.

Mashballs is made by, who has promised the levels will go up to an unlimited number in the future. The new version just released is 1.0.1 and we will look forward to later releases when the levels are no longer limited to just 40. This game app is probably best played on the iPad but will also work favourably on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

For just 69p you are guaranteed to have no advertisements and the promise of unlimited levels in the near future once an update comes through. Mashballs has that special method of relieving stress as you somehow try and get rid of all those annoying balls. The super bouncers and the gravitational switch are cool features of the Mashballs app and if you use the magnetic fields to your advantage you can really become king of the Mashballs.

Mashballs is an ideal game for all the family and suitable for children aged 7+.

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