Gravity Void iOS Review

This outstanding game app has met with rave reviews from those who have downloaded it. Many believe it to be the best game app they have played this year and it has been hailed by many as outstanding. So what is it about Gravity Void that has caused such a stir? It is a fun game and has no violence (for a nice change) meaning it is suitable for younger children. The sounds are soft and soothing and the game creates a sense of dexterity.

It has been said to be a harmless mix of competitiveness and meditation. A form of enlightenment experience, if you will, and it is well known to be highly addictive and often becomes so good you cannot put it down.  Some of the transcendental music and sounds are very appealing and will warm to your more natural character in you.

The app makers have designed the game with juggling in mind. That is the comparison the developers have paired it to. You will need focus to succeed at Gravity Void and you will need to try and make this a challenging game, if you must. But there really is no need to have such a competitive edge as there is an easier more laid back mode that makes this game very calming to play.

There are 48 puzzles for you to solve in Gravity Void and you can play in survival mode or just be competitive. The graphics are naturally quite beautiful and you will hear many soothing Zen like sounds. You can get bonuses for skilled matches and there is a leader board so you can assess how well you are performing against your friends and family. Once you exit Gravity Void, it will automatically save the position you were at when you left the game.

The navigation interface on Gravity Void is very easy to command and their physics-based games play centers around a gravity field. It is also great that in the latest update version the app has now removed all the ads.

Gravity Void can be played on the iPhone, the iPod Touch and your iPad. Imagine playing on your iPhone late at night in the comfort of your bed before you go to sleep at night and you will undoubtedly have a Zen-like dream sleep. Always make sure you keep up to date though, as the game can become your enemy if you allow it to.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Gravity Void [rating=5]

App Details

Title: Gravity Void

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Games

Developer: Chris Sanchez

Gravity Void - Christopher Jude Sanchez