MegaPicks Allows You to Win Some Serious Prizes Just For Being a Sports Fan

If you think you know all about sport then why not test your passion to the end with MegaPicks. You will also give yourself a chance to win over $100,000 in prizes. You can pit your wits in what is the only office pool tournament app that dishes out huge prizes to fans of sport.

MegaPicks comes in two different types of action packed tournament methods. There is the survivor mode which allows you to start your own game at any point in the season. You can select 13 picks per week for a period of 4 weeks. You need to make sure you have less than 13 incorrect picks by the time the tournament ends. If you can manage to survive the full four weeks then you can win a prize.

The Mega Month tournament on Mega Picks is the second style of tournament you can enter into. First, you need to join a social mega month tournament and then make your usual 13 picks per week for a period of four weeks. MegaPicks allows you to connect with Facebook so you can rank yourself against your friends and other users of MegaPicks.

If you finish in the top 25 at the end of the tournament you will win a prize. If you are a sports fan, then it is time you got paid for your knowledge and insight into the world of sport. Try and guess who will win between the tussle between the Buffalo Bills and the Tennessee Titans, guess who will prosper between the Houston Texans and the Baltimore Ravens.

Some of the prizes you can win include a 60-inch Plasma television set, a digital camera, a gaming console or a $100 gift certificate. You may also grab chance of winning an autographed jersey as worn and signed by one of your heroes.

On user on Mega Picks has hailed the app a real winner as he has bagged a $20 gift voucher to spend at Starbucks; all because he knew his football. So, if you think you know your stuff and can guess whether the San Diego Chargers are playing better football than the St. Louis Rams, why not chance your luck with MegaPicks? It is a free app but there are a number of credits you can buy in-app. So, by pushing your passion for the football game to the limit you can win some real smart gifts.

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