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Have you ever thought about a way of having more than 300 films to watch right from your iPad through an app, all free of charge? Well now there is a way; SnagFilms is a free app that will let you watch award-winning documentaries and films absolutely free. Its website has got hold of the best films and documentaries from its extensive library and brought them to you to watch on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The films can be played on the new iPhone 5 as full optimization is in place.

There are more than 300 independent label films available on SnagFilms and if you prefer to watch on your television big screen, then you can. SnagFilms can be adapted to play on the big screen via Apple TV through Air Play. If you keep with SnagFilms, this app will always provide new films coming on line all the time. Therefore it’s not an app that provides a number of films and documentaries that once you have seen them all, well that is that. New movies and documentaries are added on a regular basis. SnagFilms are adding new material all the time.

SnagFilms has several features which includes the option to log in with your Facebook account and then add films to your queue. Select the films and documentaries you would really like to see and mark them as favourites to view at a later date. There are 17 different movie categories to choose from and include festival films and award winning movies.

Once you are in the app you can tweet or update your Facebook status and share with your friends and followers in either Facebook or Twitter. You can search for films by key letter or simply genre. You can also select movies that run for a certain amount of time; if you only have an hour or so to spare to watch a movie then you can search for movie lasting just 60 minutes and the catalogue will present you with a number of choices that run for just an hour.

The staff members at iTunes have also selected their favourites and will review any new and noteworthy movies that become available. It has been voted the best iPad video app on the market by many top web magazines and is now available worldwide.

iPhoneGlance Rating of SnagFilms is [rating=4]

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